I want it now!

Think about this hypothetical situation, gentle readers. I am going to give you something cool and free this month. This month ends and you still don’t have it but I promise you’ll get it soon. Do you then go on a spree of hate filled nerd-rage complaining about how I let you down? I hope not, I’m just trying to do something nice. There lies the difference between the really-real world and the interwebs. Corvus Belli has a lot of free, web-based content for their game Infinity. The rules you can download for free, tokens and markers, unit statlines and FAQ’s too. “How truly generous”, I hear you cry, “All I need is a pencil and paper and I can write army lists, I could even proxy minis to play this game for free!” Just hold on one minute there, voice-I-just-made-up, there’s an online army builder coming soon. They said it would be out in February but it’s running late. “Waaaaa, how dare they! I’m a bloody-minded, entitled, douche-bag; why isn’t this free thing out NOW?”  That’s a reasonable description of parts of their forum. Sad, isn’t it?

OK, perhaps we’re not ALL douche-bags (with the exception of myself, of course), surely some people are happy with the fact that it will be available at all and it’s just the rantings of a vocal minority. I am beginning to see a pattern, however. Free isn’t good enough. It’s got to be amazing. A company with limited resources for a project like this? I want it YESTERDAY! It goes for other aspects of the hobby too. Everyone seems to want their codex to be out next; and better than it was; with new models for the units that they like; and upgrades for their poor, butthurt faction. Sure, we all want things like that to a certain extent but you see people complaining that their army doesn’t have all of the strengths it could have. Yeah, Eldar only have Toughness 3, deal with it. You wouldn’t expect to see Dwarves on motorbikes would you? (what, too soon?) Maybe armies should play differently and have matchups that might be more-or-less advantageous for them. It’s that or we all play the same army, no thank you. I’ve no doubt that Sisters of Battle deserve a new codex, but do Eldar or even Chaos Space Marines? I think we’ve got so used to the idea of codex creep we’ve forgotten that armies should be well balanced enough in the first place that you don’t need a new book every couple of years. I mean, at least give me chance to paint my minis before the new ‘dex comes out.

Looks like my editorial discussion about internet rants became an internet rant. Sorry. In short; don’t complain about free stuff running late, stop whining about your army and no, they won’t bring back Squats. Don’t forget to leave your own rant in the comments below. The best one will win the chance to be mercilessly complained about by me.

Until next time gentle readers.

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