And beyond!!

Well readers two posts in a day! By the power of Greyskull you are lucky! (The other is under the title, Be prepared.. the second article in the art of gamesmastering saga!) Anyways onwards with this little delve into my twisted mind, (my doctors words not mine!) and today I shall speak of new projects on the horizon…

Well hopefully next week Mr Parker and myself shall have a little play, (no, no and no!) with Infinity. Now, Mr P (as he shall be referred to from now on) has read said rules and has several small forces, myself however had bugger all! (Now if you have watched any of our little vids on You Tube, you will know that he is a big fan, and because of his constant, childlike whining, I finally relented and got hold of the Operation:Icestorm box set, (which I had to pay for! Damn cheek I say!) and so far I am quite excited! The scenery is lovely, (and by now you should be aware that I am a huge fan of card scenery!) lots of nice tokens, an easy to read rulebook, (always a bonus!) and the figures.

It takes a lot these days to catch my eye in the figure department, but holy cow Batman! Bloody gorgeous! (shame they will get ruined when I haphazardly throw paint at them in a vague attempt to make look cool!) But they really are fantastic miniatures, but, (did he just say but?) yes reader there is a but, now maybe its my shaky, arthritic hands but I found some of the weapon arms a little fiddly, and as for the little antenna on some of the heads, I so don’t think so, (where did I put my greenstuff!) but seriously apart from that I am really looking forward to playing this, and they even have some werewolves!

So, if you don’t have this set, go get it! More news on what we think, next week! And now I think I should go throw some paint at a wall, things you have to do so you can put a pledge in on kick start! sigh, ho-hum.

You know how we end this…

6`s baby!

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