In the future there is only..

Today dear readers, (think we now now have a little more than the two in Thetford!) we are going to have a little chat about stuff that has caught my little gaming eye, (no not that eye you sick people!) so without further ado, ( yeah go me with posh words!) onwards!

Firstly on our list today, Harlequins, now before you think I am going to point out some sneaky skills and items that our favourite diamonded costume wearers have access to I am not. No good readers i would like to direct your attention to the fantastic, and dare I say, some of my favourite art I have seen in a codex in a long time! But this then makes you think, if the art style is changing will anything else be changing? Maybe , finally GW will be moving the history of 40k onwards? Or will they be happy for it to continue to stagnate and throw everything at the 30k stuff? (Really? Really? Come on you f**ckers, forward, not backwards!) Time, I guess will reveal all…

Secondly, as I was checking the book of face, a little kickstarter popped up, that got me a little moist! Now you know that the group and I are big fans of board games, (well most of us are! Yes, you know who you are!) Now unlike the esteemed Mr Parker who can be clever and put links in and all that fancy stuff, I cant, (well I could, I suppose, but effort and I live in different towns!) so if you are interested you have to do it the old fashion way! the game is called Blood Rage, and I so want it, gorgeous figures, (by Mike McVey) and art work by my all time favourite artist a Mr Adrian Smith, (doff hat to his talent!) A board game that involves Viking clans pillaging and battling! OMG! And it is produced by the same company that produce my favourite board game Zombiecide, Guillotine Games. Go pledge people! NOW!

So with the time for tea fast approaching, I leave you with this final thought, how do I get the wifey to agree to me putting up a pledge? (more housework? Decorating?  Hmm)

Answers in the box below, (remember we only have 14  days left!) and the best answer may get a mention on the next battlehammer video, (hopefully coming soon!)

Stay lucky people.

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