Damn it, Damn it and once again..

Well loyal and trusted readers, here we are again rattling on about our favourite little obsession, (No Mr Parker or you Chris, I’m not talking about beer!) no my friends, its more toe dipping into that swampy, luke-warm  water of toy soldiers! Big smiley happy face! Funny how these little pieces of injection moulded plastic can make us so happy, and just when the end is in sight, more comes out!!!

So as you know my Beastmen are nearing completion, so as a little reward I decided to sort out my Harlequins, (well that’s handy, quick look through the codex and I don’t need much more, if any!) So what is next? Well I think another zombie board game is needed, (you can never have to many!) so quick internet shop session and Last Day On Earth ordered. Well that’s something our little group can get their teeth into, (almost a zombie joke there for you, no charge its a freebie!)

And then I see it, bursting from the warp, finally the long, long wait is over, there growling out of the screen, the plastic Bloodthirster!!!! Well done GW, this could have been released years ago and would have sold like hot cakes at a Hobbits gaming convention! Why do they do this? Is it some fickle warp storm that delays the release of much needed figures? Is it some fucked up marketing scheme that means if you have a great/wanted/needed figure then do not release it for years because you do not need the money? (Oh wait, you make your money buy selling the warp card/objective cards for each army that sell out before they have even gone up for advance order! (Bitter? Moi? No just annoyed by that little practice, very tempting to hunt down the little buggers that put those cards on Ebay and introduce the back of their heads to a blunt piece of wood! Ahem.)

So now the question remains, how do I persuade the other half to buy me one? Answers as usual at the bottom, in the comment section thingy!

For now, you know the drill….

Shake, rattle, roll….6!!!!!

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