So with only a session of Cyberpunk played his weekend, (and yes as usual we were crap, no hold on to be fair we were really crap!) thoughts turn to gaming sillyness planed for the week! So far I have managed to get most of the figures for Wild West Exodus assembled, ( nice figures and being slightly bigger than the normal GW stuff we kick about with, they should be fun to throw some paint at!)

Tomorrow will hopefully see the rest of that ever expanding beastmen army put together, only have around three veteran squads left, plus bases need sanding then painting, but the next battle is not with them so no rush. I also spy some Harlequins lurking on the table, most are assembled, ( really? Are we looking at the same pile of toys? Because they sure as buggery dont look even started to me!) Ah, forgot that there is more of those crazy clowns on the way!

The crazy and definatly certified Mr Parker and myself will hopefully getting a little Infinity started this week, after all the bloody pestering he has done! Having had a quick look at the rules it looks ok, nothing to be scared off, but the figures are ball clenching lovely, ( dont think I will even attempt to paint them, I will never get them looking that good!) Oh how I hate you people that can paint! Painting guide anyone?

And hopefully, (time, planetary allignment and devine beings permitting!) We will even attempt another video posting, you lucky, lucky people! So with the apocolypse fast approching and the time for pants to be changing I will leave you with this, lots of miniture games these days are using different dice to the typical D6, ( Infinity, WWE, use D20 and D10 respectively) what do you think? Good or bad, let us here at thebattlehammer know, our favorite answer will recieve a silly comment from the Parker, (and maybe a lick…)

Till next time brave souls, keep your sword sharp, and your wits sharper….

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