Ladies, Gentlemen and other unidentified beings…

Firstly oh loyal readers I must say sorry there has been nothing new from yours truly for a while, it has been one motherf**er of a week! So lets get the sad news that the much loved, (well maybe tolerated) hound has taken the big sleep and that really buggered me up, but now we are back baby!!

This weeks gaming goodness was, um, hmm, lets see.. feck all! But now we are back to some normal flow, (eeuuww) This weekend sees our Cyberpunk group bravely, (not me I intend to stand behind the others!) righting the wrongs of the city, more on the events after the game so don’t go anywhere! (unless you need the toilet etc, then feel free) Parker and myself have a veritable sack of goodness for you! (don’t panic he hasn’t got a clue yet either!) We will be attempting to get another video done so more hapless YouTube watchers will get their brains melted, (hmm brains..) also some attempts to try our first Wild West Exodus battle and our little unboxing and headwetting of Infinity; Operation Icestorm, I also now have the rest of my Beastmen to assemble and paint so you might even get some pictures of them, (that and probably lots of pictures of the new hound!) pretty sure there will more general words of wisdom, (Nick..) and some of utter stupidity, (Parker…) and the odd bit of waffle, (Straw..) but for now..

Keep on rolling….

One final note for today, thanks again GW

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