Red flowers? Kharn the Betrayer’s been at the gardening again.

Today, gentle readers, is a day to express how you feel. Love is in the air, or it may just be the  pungent musk of a Fiend of Slaanesh (more likely it’s Mr Straw’s overpowering aftershave, “cough-splutter”). Whichever, I wish to express how we, here at The Battlehammer, feel about our followers. Something akin to how an Ork Warboss feels about his favourite grot. Ladies and gentlemen (I use those terms loosely), a poem by me:

Space Wolves are grey,
Gretchin are green,
Our horrors on YouTube,
Cannot be unseen.

Saim-Hann are red,
Ulthwé are black,
They're on a playlist,
You can watch back-to-back.

Guilliman's blue,
Rogal Dorn is yellow,
We've done a part three,
And it's linked down below.

Ahriman's black,
And Magnus is red,
We hope that you watch it,
But it might hurt your head.

Iyanden is yellow,
Alaitoc is blue,
Thanks gentle readers,
We really love you.

Hope you liked our emotion given life through the medium of poetry, now here’s a link to us rambling some more:

Let us know what you think it the comments below. Do I have the heart of a poet? Should I give it back? Is my poetry worse than a Vogon’s? The best comment will win a prize; I shall name my least favourite Nurgling after them.

Until next time gentle readers.

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