With the day rapidly coming to an end and the weekend almost upon us, (thank buggery!) its time to make sure all is ready for the multiple games on the morrow, (think we are mostly ready) Parker and I had a quick game today, so he could try out the 1000pt orc army he will be using, (unlucky fella because you got well and truly smashed, utterly destroyed, obliterated, soundly thrashed, it other words owned!) so a little time was spent afterwards re-working the list. (And I’m pretty sure he will get beaten again, or I will eat a chocolate hat!)

This then left me a little time to watch our You Tube videos again, (I still giggle when I see it, and if you have not seen it yet get over there! (I would put a link here but damned if I know how! (Yet!) And time to start thinking what I will be doing for the next Zombiecide game, though this time it wont be a Christmas game so no flour will be needed! And its all because of this cracking game that Parker and I decided to re-work the 40k rules, Damn you Zombiecide creators for designing such a brilliant game, and sorry that we took it and vandalised it! (You wanted a board, we wanted a big arsed 3D city!) Anyway, tables all ready for tomorrow, shall I give you a little teaser picture? Oh go on then.

Yes I do spoil you.


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