The good, the bad and the indifferent..

Another weekend fast approaches, (with only a doctors appointment, a mad test phone call and several vet visits all to squeeze in!) and it will be toy soldiers time again! (well that is if Parker cant fit another 40k battle in) And that means one thing, my favourite part, setting up the tables! Wo-hoo!

So after mentally preparing myself, (which some how involved getting the Imperial Defence Network box set all sprayed up, and we are not even using it!) tea and toast, (which then got dropped down my front and landed butter-side down on the floor, happy days for the hound!) The doorbell rings, (cue manic barking) and the Parker stomps through the door, with that (gormless?) lets be at it face!

A short time later and the mighty 8×8 foot table has been divided into two tree covered battlefields, one with a small ruin on a hill, the other with the freshly painted Deadzone buildings, and yes they both look sexy. Pictures to follow later, but probably at the weekend, depends how good you are!

With that done, Parker worked out the army he will be using for Saturday, (four players on two tables, opponents rolled for randomly) it has to be simple as a, he is an idiot and Stella will be involved, and b, he may be tasked with training up the newbie, (if one arrives!) which means I can run around like a headless chicken making sure they all have a basic understanding of the Battlemallet rules, and are not throwing beer and pizza all over the tables! (pet hate, I only like to see the figures and scenery on the table, dice and cards at a push, but food and drink? No, no and thrice no!)

So until later my loyal readers, JK has just come on, the kettle has clicked and the chips are warming up!

Keep on rolling!

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