Always another meeting..

Morning all! Hope today finds you all in fine fettle? (good word!!) If not, well um, never mind! All ready today I have been a busy little bee, (once the crawling out of the pit had been established) finding that my gamer red cross survival package had not arrived! (damn you postman, damn you indeed!) I mulled over a fresh cuppa the objectives for the day, and having decided that at the moment I could not be arsed, thought about returning to the (now cooling) pit, but then images of the weekends upcoming games on battlefields filled with unpainted scenery filled me with horror, and a sense of purpose suddenly filled me,(not like that!!) so, armed with fresh tea (I do like me tea, lot safer than beer, and we have all seen where that can lead, yes You Tube…) a hot-water bottle and a righteous belief in the Emperor, I headed for the conservatory where the Deadzone buildings from yesterday sat, naked in their grey plastic, mocking me, but alas for them, the airbrush was ready to go to work!

Now, I am still new to this airbrushing milarkie, (cleaning all the time, GGGRRRR…) but once you knuckle down and crack on with it you find it is strangely relaxing, the gentle thrum of the compressor, the satisfying hiss of the air and paint, and more importantly the quickness of things looking reasonably good! And if you are really lucky you may even get a picture, but dont hold your breath! (Unless you really want to?)

So with no Beastmen to work on today, scenery painted, I think it may be time to get that kettle on, work out an army in case any of the players cannot make Saturdays game, (girlfriends/wives/lives etc) and then maybe begin thinking what the battlefields are going to look like. And with tea in hand, music from Fields of the Nephilim floating round the house, I head up the stairs to (bed?) the gaming room.

Do not disturb.

Unless you have my parcel, in which case you may enter,

but you may never leave….


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