Days of ruin…

I should have realised when I wobbled down the stairs this morning, (new pills, very fluffy, me that is not the pills!) that it was going to be one of those days, firstly still worrying about the hound, even though he has been battering me with his football and barking like a bastard! And secondly not knowing what to do gaming wise.

I think we have managed to upload some stuff to You tube, (I said I think not to sure, but someone will let me know I hope!) But put episode two up before episode one..So sue me.

So I decide after the second cup of tea of the day, to begin constructing the buildings in Deadzone, a game I have been looking forward to playing for sometime, (yes I have had it for ages, but you know what us gamers are like, we do like to horde stuff) and with clippers and knife in hand I begin…

Well what can I say? Maybe it is just me and my arthritic hands, or my failing attention span, or the way that our house is situated in the street, or just the fact that I am a muppet, but those buildings were a complete nightmare! I am pretty sure that there will not be enough of the little connectors to do what I want, (and I was thinking of buying the ruins from the same company, now that might have to wait…) but now after several attempts, (and having to pick up the pieces that I keep dropping, damn this slippery table..) I have finally started to get how these little buggers go together! Now they might be fiddly but they do look really good and are very sturdy, and now I do really like them. they will see lots of use in all our sci-fi games.

Well that will do for now, and remember when dealing with knives, ( swords, other sharp objects and fishfingers) always aim for the throat, I mean cut away from yourself!!

Keep them dice rolling!!

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