Red ones go faster..

Actually they don’t, well unless there is a slope involved. So the weekend is almost at an end and what did it bring us? Happiness? A lottery win? Gaming victories? Well I have to be honest, all it brought me is a vet bill for the bloody dog needing x-rays! Does he not know that I have figures to buy!

So feeling some what miffed, (good word!) I decided that the only course of action was to par-take in a beverage or three, and attempt to work out how to post the stuff that Parker and I have been recording onto You Tube, (technology is not one of my favourite things, as you all know!) Still not sure what I am doing! But I think we may be getting somewhere.

But things take on a funny little turn don’t they? Still trying to work out up-loading, but I now have some more Beastmen, Skaven tank-thing, Harlequins and the Infinity Operation Icestorm on the way (oops!). So all in all the weekend turned out great, bit blurry round the edges and my bank balance has taken a pounding, but you can’t take it with you can you? (Unless by then I have worked out the secret to eternal life.)  More Battlemallet testing planned for next week, and we even intend to let the rest of the gang have a little play, (with the rules!) but for now I can either do a little painting, or maybe start working on Deadzone? Or have a little read of the free downloaded Infinity rules? Oh the choices! Maybe I will work out the points for the Beastmen army? I don’t bloody know!

So until next time, keep on rolling!

One thought on “Red ones go faster..

  1. Decisions decisions. I reckon you should get some of that Deadzone terrain together. It’ll work for 40k and Infinity too.

    Soon you’re going to need an more space for the gaming room. Hmm, knock through to the other bedroom and sleep downstairs I think. Then turn the conservatory into a full extension with room above. Then a loft conversion. How about a Permanent 8×4 gaming table that turns over James Bond style into a bed? And the piece de resistance; an underground lair!


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