Time to stop?

Now hold on dear, loyal readers, are you thinking time to stop this blog!? Hell no!! (you poor fools) No my friends, this simple question refers to our plastic crack habit.

When is it time to stop an army you are working on? (NEVER!! I hear you cry) Why do we keep adding to our armies? I mean lets face it us older players, who have been collecting for years, (my first figure was carved from a T-rex bone…) have vast armies that we are never going to field, and yes we have enough men that every squad can have all the upgrades they will ever need, more tanks and transports than is really needed, and more drop pods than is healthy, and lets not even get into the dreaded bits box collection!

For example, my Space Wolfs are done, (really? are you sure? Whirlwind? more Fenrisian wolves?) and yet when I have nothing to buy (really?) The voices begin again, and the howls sound across the snow-capped mountains and I think, well another squad of Grey Hunters wont hurt will it?

It is the same with my White Scars, do I need any more bikes? (YES!!) But to be fare for them I wanted all my Scars to be able to get to the battlefield via bike, transport, pod or deep strike.

In my own little mind I would like to think that 3000 points, (okay,maybe a couple more for them important upgrades) is enough, its a good size for a game, we just don’t need more! (who the hell am I kidding!) But still we need more!

I had thought my new beastmen 40k army was done, (so why am I buying more?) but they are going out as Imperial Guard (yes readers, Imperial Guard! Not Astra bloody Militarum or whatever the buggery they want to call themselves!) and to keep the look of the army I needed tanks, but I dont want big tanky-model things, however, that Skaven Warp-lightning thrower will look the part! (big smiley face! Just dont tell the wife! Oh she is the editor, doh.)

So dear friends, in answer to the question, there is no stop! We try but cannot! This bloody hobby!

Keep buying those toys we do not need!

And keep rolling them sixes!

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