Management Meeting

Well there you go oh valued, and much loved readers, (apart from you Chris!) 1000 hits! And I am really happy about that, (I know its the little things) So I will once again just say a huge thank you to all our readers, and to our ever expanding group of dedicated authors.  Another thank you has to go to the sponsors, well that would be me, Mr Vodka and at times Mr Aspall…

So onto your daily fix of silliness, we shall begin with, um let me see..

Yesterday was an interesting one, Battlemallet test of two 1500 point chaos/traitors armies against each other, the new rules changes thus far are working well, (deepstriking demons are now something to be feared, if they are used right!) big units of Nurglings are a real pain in the arse to clear off an objective that is located in a building, and a unit of 50 plague zombies is a bastard if you don’t have any blast weapons (Yes I lost, nothing to see hear, move along…) Also for the first time we messed around with video.  Be afraid, be very, very afraid. It is all a bit rough and ready, and there are other blogs/groups that will do this better than us, we do for example only have a tiny camera and no idea what we are doing! And we do have a lot of respect for these people, (any advice, apart from the bag for Parker’s head?) But it is a little something we want to do for a giggle, and if only one other person laughs or even smirks our work is done!

Raise a glass with me dear reader, knock back that vile shot and here is to the next 1000 hits! (Parker stop visiting the site so often, there may be other people wanting a go!) And until tomorrow, when I decide what words of wisdom to impart to you, what little gems of goodness will I bring?

Buggered if I know!

As always boys and girls, and ships called Enterprise, stay safe, and keep them dice rolling!!

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