The future is bright, or is it?

Today dear readers we are going deep!  Now this does not happen very often, (that’s what she said..) today we speak of the future and what it holds for our dear hobby/way of life.

Now I remember many, many moons ago there was an upheaval in our world as gaming consoles suddenly, and without warning, (or dice rolling!!!) smashed onto the scene! Well there was a little shake up as we all rushed out beards a-flowing to buy (so we could condem them you see..) these new fangled devices, did they make a difference? Did they buggery..

Next to attempt to try and pull us out of our dungeons and dusty vaults came the dreaded card games! And as we shook our heads and wept, we thought it was the end.. and for a while it felt like it, our hallowed games shops, our islands of sanity in a cruel world were suddenly overun with card players!  And yes even us veterans bowed to the pressure, a sad day..

But then after all the glitz of this new craze, when the last foil wrapped card had been swapped or placed in a box to gather dust, once again we gamers had returned to that which held our hearts and our imagination, how could playing with cards compare to mustering your armies on a field of battle? How could a card game replace you and your closest friends defeat that dragon that had been terrorising the local village? Quite simply it cannot.

Now don’t get me wrong, in my collection of treasures,  (she would say junk) there are card games, board games, and some consoles somewhere, and in my opionion they all have their places, and in a way they do enrich the hobby, but for me its the role-playing and the wargamming, these give us that interaction we need, that human connection that playing online will never be able to give us, (well at least not in my lifetime!)

To finish I say this, keep it real baby!

Now where did l put my sword…

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