Fear not fellow gamers, I have not mentally descended that far down the rabbit hole that I have suddenly and inexcusably become a football fan! (why oh why do people get so worked up over a game? twenty two men chasing an inflated pigs bladder around a field, fans screaming as if their very lives depended on it! NO! another dice roll of one!! followed by the sounds of thrown dice clattering against the wall in disgust…ahem..)

No, the title is a simple statement that this week I shall mostly be attempting to finish the dreaded beastmen, decide on what to paint next, get in another playtest of Battlemallet, eat more sprouts, hold on incoming text, (bare with, bare with..) and now also working out a 1500 point army for the afore mentioned game! (and painting the bedroom, front-room, and tidying the garage she shouts from upstairs! I think not!! ) sigh..

So how do we celebrate our little victories? Well if it is a painting project, I simply sigh and dig out another figure, if it is that all important dice roll that will not win me the game but allows a lowly trooper to remain standing, then there will not doubt be groin thrusts and twerking at my opponent! (with shouts of “In your face fu**er!!) oh dear..

But things generally are done in a calm gentlemanly way, with composure and good old British decorum, and then once the wives and younger gamers have gone, the anarchy and general destruction of a game around mine has been cleared away, the tears from playing Cards against Humanity have dried, when Parker has finally dragged himself home in a drunken stupor, then dear friends, oh then the plotting begins for the next game, the ripping apart the codex’s to find those sneaky hidden rules that will allow us victory against those models that we really, really hate! (hello Chris!!)

You just so gotta love this hobby!!!!

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