Morning fellow geeky gamers, hope this mornings chat finds you all well, happy and enjoying another weekend of gaming goodness. So Straw, what is new in your gaming world? Well read on, read on..

Yesterday found our roleplaying group gathered together in the Cyberpunk universe (for those of you who do not know, think Bladerunner meets the first, and only decent, Robocop) where we are playing Detroit city homicide cops. I should have know it was all going to go tits up when Mr Parker turns up wearing a shirt and tie and carrying a case of Stella! (yes readers the fool that I am, I let him in.. ho hum).  Why the shirt and tie? Well he is the sergeant and he wanted to look the part, he even brought doughnuts!!

So with three rookies in tow we begin, and an hour and a half later we have the first casualty of the game, as Stick, (I will get pictures to introduce you to the entire gang at some point!) Ends up hanging through a window getting shot in the head by a mad gunman! But where was Chris? His partner had decided to scale the city block by the fire escape and then go down the nine, (yes readers nine!) levels to the ground floor. And he was heard to say, “Well Sticks probably dead so I don`t need to hurry!” OMG!!! Memo to self, if Parker ever, ever partners me with Chris there will be tears, (and no doubt a little bloodshed!)

After wrapping the session up, (which ends with the remainder of us cops slightly drunk and trying to diffuse a potential gang riot, yes we are buggered next time!) We got chatting about the good old days, three of our players are still new to the roleplaying side of the hobby, so they have missed some fantastic games, (Earthdawn, Pendragon (where I ran the entire First Crusade as a game!) but these stories live on and in the future I will document some of them for you.

But for now, in summary, I am still astounded by the stupidity of some of us gamers (Chris / Parker), but then I would not want it any other way…

Chris is the bloke in the middle of the photo, approach with caution… (will do literally anything for beer..)

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