Wet stuff..

Well now I have your attention, (the things I have to do..) it is time for our daily chat, or rant or even a cup of tea! And yes the subject of our attention, or ridicule, is painting! Yes dear readers that part of the hobby that in distant days was a joy but alas no more.

It seems to me that unless figures are painted to the highest, award winning level then you might as well not bother! Now do not get me wrong, (Not that I ever am…) I like looking at a nicely painted figure as well as the next man, but then you realise that it probably took hours to get it done, and if that is the case I would rather being gluing more troops together, getting a quick lick of paint thrown at them and get them on the table, all ready to then suffer the curse of the new painted model and be destroyed in turn one! (we all know it happens!) so should I be wasting time to get my painting standard up? Balls to that! I have way too many armies to work on, scenery to make, zombies to kill, (house work I hear the wife cry!) and in the end lets face it, if its painted well or not, you sure as shit will not see it on an eight foot battlefield!

So in summary, yes it is a big part of the hobby, (so is beer and pizza..) and yes there are jaw dropping painters out there (to those that are, I doff my cap to thee) but for my gang its simple, if you can, do, if not, what the hell it all looks the same after ten cans of Stella!!

And now i have to get my undercoated beastman back in the house as its about to rain…


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