Do you Forgeworld?

I know I do gentle reader. It didn’t seem so long ago that Forgeworld goodies were few and far between on the gaming table. Treasured rarities with an almost mythical presence and that’s before the book came out of the bag with it’s army breaking special rules. These days I think everyone in our gaming group uses some sort of gloriously detailed resin piece (fnar fnar).

Of course, thanks to the interweb tubes you can easily order any FW piece you want but their prices seem to have held steadier than the standard GW prices (which will no doubt have gone up in the time it’s taken me to write this) and as such they don’t seem the extravagent expence they used to be. Also, it could simply be that people are more used to seeing FW bits on the battlefield, got to keep up with the Calgars when it comes to Contemptor Dreadnoughts. Another thing could be the popularity of the Horus Heresy making people more aware of all the goodies they could have. For me though, it comes down to sheer choice. A standard codex seems severely limited when compared to the smorgasboard of Forgeworld units. Contemptor Dreads, Land Raider varients, not to mention the oodles of Imperial Guard tanks (yes, Imperial Guard…kids today). It also helps that I run an army out of Imperial Armour 13, Traitor Guard. The best baddies ever. They do what the Chaos Space Marines don’t…die in their droves.

How do you feel about Forgeworld? Do you love all the wierd and wonderful things or do you thing that their special Riptide is too overpowered (I’m lookin at you Chris)? Let us know and the best reply wins the chance to have the reply they wrote in the comments below…by putting their comment below.

Until next time gentle readers.

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