Dark days dawn..

Sometimes our hobby needs a little shake up, and some of the gaming giants think that means re-releasing rule books and constantly churning out army books with very little content changes and yet we like lemmings rush towards that cliff edge. We, the humble players scamper around selling our organs and souls so we can keep up to date.

But really this constant merry-go-round at some point will have to stop,  but will it? I digress, but sometimes changes do occur, Warhammer has moved its history on with the End of Times books, so now surely, after so many years will 40k finally get its static timeline moving? (poor Abaddon has been working on his 13th black crusade for so long he has probably forgotten what he was fighting for!) Let’s hope so..

As I sit here and deliberate my musings (hark at her!!) The weather outside quickly changes, hail crashes down onto the conservatory roof, storm clouds are gathering dear readers and will we survive? Is this the beginning of the end?

Time will tell..

One thought on “Dark days dawn..

  1. I for one would love to see a similar thing happen with 40k. It would be great to do a proper campaign of order vs chaos. Tangent: I think that the Dark Eldar would be on the side of order as they live in the webway and are hiding from Slaanesh. Also, it might give me the kick up the bum I need to get working on some painting!


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