And today on the show..

Another day dawns, the sun is shining and the rumours of the harlequins imminent arrival has, to say the least, got me a little moist! The skaven stormfiends have just arrived through the door, really nice models! This now means I can either use them as renegade sentinals or obliterators, that is the beauty of our gaming group you might not have the right figures but we are very forgiving (unless its you Chris!!) I mean let’s face it we never have all the toys we need (yes wife, we do need more!) So sometimes things will need to be subituted, and I say why the hell not? For example I have recently converted all my old fantasy beastmen into a 40k chaos warband, I also have a load of wood elves as exodites (opponents faces are a picture when you tell them these horsemen are infact jet bikes!) Now if I can just get them to allow my hoover to be a titan.. And for you people, another new rule that we shall be trying out. Deep strike.. Here it comes, try this out! Any unit that enters the battle via deep strike that does not scatter may assault on the turn it arrives! We wanted this for several reasons, demons are stepping through into our dimension, they live in the warp, they are not going to be that bothered by the change of environment, jump packs arriving by deep strike? Why should they not be allowed to assault if they have landed at the right place? Hmm, time to add some more marines to my White Scars assault units… Any suggestions? Drop us a line and the boys and I will have a little look.. Until the next time remember, if those bloodletters deepstrike near your devastator squad, there is a chance they will be charging!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!

2 thoughts on “And today on the show..

  1. *Clunk clunk clunk clunk*
    What’s that? Ah, it’s the sound of my vast host of Dreadnoughts applauding!


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