The Curse of the Mayfly

I am concerned, gentle readers. Some days it feels as though there is something nebulous hanging over me, a shadow on my soul placed there by a haggard old crone, furious at me for disturbing her scrying of the entrails. I suffer from the Curse of the Mayfly. No matter how much I try to focus on painting my army or fine tuning my list, there is always something else. Something at the corner of my eye, trying to get my attention. This very moment I should be either working on my 40k army or writing a campaign for my roleplaying group. Unfortunately the Curse has taken hold. I can’t help myself from looking at the recently updated Infinity rules, wondering how to expand my Caledonians. Oh look, there’s my Dropzone Commander UCM army, all  miserably unpainted even though I worked out a paint scheme for them. Well, of course I could glue together some more Traitor Guard, perhaps that would get me in the mood for painting? On the other hand, I am half way through Halo: The Master Chief Collection so I should probably finish that. Aaaaaiee, get out of my mind!

I surely can’t be the only one with this terrible hobby affliction. One of the reasons I decided to help the Mr Straw work on this renowned hobby extravaganza (?) was that it might help me focus on the things that matter, like painting toy soldiers. Maybe I could travel to the mountains of Tibet and ask the wise monks there to help me focus my mind? Hmmm, bit of a trek really. Perhaps you have some ideas that could help? Let us know in the comments if you have any little tricks that keep you focussed on painting, or any other aspects of the hobby. Maybe you have a set time when you paint, or are there manacles on your painting desk?

(I am fully aware that these are all the signs of simple procastination, but I have no doubt that it was all brought on by an old, female, magic type)

Until next time, gentle readers.

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