Happy birthday to the battle hammer! One week old today! It only seems like a week ago when I started along this path to the dark side and what a week it has been! To begin I would like to say a big thanks to everyone for all your comments and good wishes, it kind of makes me feel special (not like that!) With computers breaking down, twitter not recognising my account (finds it on my phone though!) And other teething problems at least I can say we are getting there, so my loyal readers will you continue on this path with me? Or will you go do that washing up? Or begin to watch pointless football? I say stick with us, the ride may well get bumpy, and it may well get dark, but I guarantee that along the way you will have a laugh and you may learn something new about our little hobby, or at the very least I hope you will gain a little insight into our geeky little world..

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