Trains, pubs and all things strange..

Ok peeps, going to bang this one out for you all before the sweet bliss of sleep takes me..

I never created this blog purely for gaming, but lets face it this bugger is so funny compared to the others, (they all have their place and they are all good, but I just want to reach out to the normal gamers, is there such a thing?) This was also somewhere that a geek like me could, when occasion called for it, have a little rant, however this is neither..

Today was a quiet beer in Norwich with the wife and her friends (a birthday for scary Jane, yes you got a mention girl! now follow!!) However from the start I thought, hmm going to end in tears, lets face it readers you get on a train and all you hear are some children singing old McDonald and his fucking farm..need I say more?

So the drinks begin to flow and a nice time is being had by all (if you need a crocheted Viking helmet I know someone who is bloody fantastic for that kind off thing.) When I happen to see a familiar figure pass by the pub, I go rushing out and there is an old friend who I have not seen for ages, and the first thing he says is, oh I’m following your blog! (you need a photographer he is the man..) Bloody hell..Paul love ya!!

So back in pub and I am trying to decide what treats to write for my fantastic readers, lets face you deserve so much better..And time passes..

time passes..

time passes..

Then on way back to the station (before the mental football fans get out) The wife and i happen to go past a shop that i know is run by a dear friend of mine that i have not seen in ages, yes readers you know where this is going, one drunken straw staggering into a shop shouting hello! So  Matty i would like to say sorry, and just so you know the shop rocks! (readers if you need snowboarding gear go there, Tribal raiders! love it!

Now home and i am buggered if i can remember what i wanted to write for you all so untill tomorrow and the birthday special..

Sleep well..

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