Cough, cough, splutter..

Alas grandfather Nurgle in his bloated wisdom has decided to strike me down with the dreaded nurgles rot, (that’s man flu for all you non gamers, and if you are a none gamer then these questions spring to mind, firstly if not why not? You are missing out on a hobby that is fun, creative and at times down right hilarious! And secondly, why are you on this site, apart from the fact that all the articals are meticulously researched and professionally written..ahem. But thanks for being here!

So as I was saying before I flew off on a tangent, (like an x-wing fleeing an exploding Death star) I’m sick. Which is a bloody shame as last night many an interesting idea popped into my fever wracked mind that I wanted to share with you, my little gaming chums/cult, but now in the cold harsh light of day I’m buggered if I can remember them! They were good, honest! So instead as I await the paramedics to easy my suffering, await the drone of the incoming air ambulance I ask you this, how do you feel about paper/print your own scenery? My personal opinion?

I freaking love it!! I am one of those players that loves to set up the battlefields so they look good, and I will set it up two or three, or more days before a game so I can go back and adjust it! And that means a lot of scenery! And with prices of our hobby ever increasing its not always going to happen. Then I discovered paper! And boy was I blown away.

It all came about when Mr Parker and I were playing Zombicide, a fantastic little game that I fell in love with, and we started to imagine the survivors fighting through the streets, (we do like our cinematics!) And as seasoned gamers we wanted to play on a bigger board, we wanted a proper city block, thus internet searching, tea and much, much chocolate, buildings were found, printed and assembled, and we have not looked back since! At some point i will get more printed up so the gang can battle over a cityscape for 40k that does not involve ruins but fully intact buildings, that is until the beer flows and things get knocked over and crushed (or the dog gets hold of them!) But therein lies the beauty, its only paper, and not one of our expensive pieces of scenery!!

Damn I love this hobby!!

Quick sorry to the wife, hope its not too much for you to edit! (mmwwhhaaa!)

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