Let’s face it readers sometimes things don’t work out quiet the way you expect do they? I mean the Emperor didn’t see Horus his favoured son turning against him, I never knew how much fun this blog would be and I never expected to get married!

But my little rant today is about technology. Yes that little bugbear that has brought us all closer together, but is there a downside? The internet crashes, phones go down, the zombie apocolypse begins, then what? Nice cup of tea anyone?

Sorry all, I am just growling because at the moment the big pc is failing to work and we need it for all the fab pictures I want to share with you, as I said technology.. Or maybe its just my lack of understanding, however help is on its way! (cheers Chris!)

Right enough waffle (good word) Any sensible gaming news from us? Well the esteemed Mr Parker failed to add a rocking post about anything he may find relevant, so I think he may be receiving a stern warning and possibly a disciplinary action (joking, or am I?) As for me, yesterday was twitter sorting, and finally finishing glueing those bloody beastmen, now in guess ill have to get painting them! And I am still slighty out of it from the sleeping pills (woohoo wibble!!) So may be later I might treat you to some gaming insights, or not, maybe reminise about games gone by, again or not, but for now readers, thank you muchly, you know what time it is! KETTLE time!!!!!!!

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