Look out!!

There are moments in gaming when you suddenly think bugger me that’s my tactical plan up the poop creek without a boat, let alone a paddle! And let’s face it these are the moments that not only make or break a battle but, in my opinion make them so much fun. In roleplaying one of your group will always end up doing/saying something at the wrong time and it all goes belly up, and as the GM your whole story momentarily falls apart as everyone either sits there wetting themselves with laughter, or gasp as they realise that cock up is going to effect them as well! But then the GamesMaster is back on form and the game continues, not quite A to B, more like A to B via D, H and Z.

But in wargaming those little problems always come from dice rolling, you know what I mean, that old thing as long as I don’t roll a 1, and you know what happens next! Yes we may blame the dice, or fortune or fate, but what would we do without those little cubes of happiness? Well, my players would have less dice shaped bruises for one, but then again we would miss that euphoric feeling when them 6’s roll!

So with these final words for tonight, keep on rolling baby (6’s that is, not them pesky 1’s..)


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