Am I too fluffy?

I, gentle readers, am most definitely a fluff player. What really draws me into a miniature wargame is the background. My tiny toys representing a troop of seasoned warriors fighting for their collective place within their universe. Soldiers who will take and hold that strategically important woodland (Objective Marker 3) at all costs, laying down their very lives if needs be. My Chaos Spawn aren’t merely a unit of Beasts with d6+1 Random Attacks and Fearless, they were once unbelievers. The False-Emperors light blinded them from the futile truth of Grandfather Nurgle; that all things die and decay, life feeds on life and resistance is just an illusion. Only now, somewhere beneath their twitching, flabby appendages, behind their frothing maws, do they understand the truth. There is no hope. Tiberious Xorn, the Plague Prophet, is leading the traitorous 49th Cadian Artillery in a crusade to bring the truth of Nurgle to all those who have been lied to by the worshippers of an entombed cadaver. With aid from the Great Unclean One, known to mortals as Guttrott the Gregarious, and his daemonic legions they are surely as unstoppable as the warp-fuelled contagion that spreads before them.

Well, this is how it goes in my head anyway. In reality, my Traitor Guard get mown down by bolter fire, my basilisks fail to hit anything of value and my army never seems to win me those important objective cards (and people wonder why I drink when I play). I know I could write a new list, something with faster troop choices. Perhaps I could take daemons from another chaos god. Nurgle forbid I could even spend less points on psykers. I just can’t. Without the fluff and the characters I’ve created (he’s good from his point of view, honest) the game seems to lose it’s meaning. Not for me the Wave Serpent spam list, or the just-downloaded-from-the-internet-cos-it-works-in-the-current-meta list. If my Warlord doesn’t have a name and at least a paragraph of background then we’re just playing toy soldiers…oh well, I’ll just have to try and do better with what I’ve got.

Until next time gentle readers.

2 thoughts on “Am I too fluffy?

  1. Did you just say your Basilisks never hit? There was a large pile of dead marines one game that would disagree. Squad Gideon, Captain Navarre, Captain Mir’san, and Inquisitor Lok all bit the big one first turn! Bloody traitorous dogs.

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