On todays show..

We see if  Terry is the babies father and later on the show, if she fails the lie detector test the wedding is off..

There are some days when I question my sanity (so does my doctor!) But in this messed up world it is nice to think that daytime/talk show hosts can set everything right, JK you the man, so maybe they can fix 40k for us?

So viewers all, wait for it, 7 of you! (I am your dark master, you will bow before me! Mmwwhaa!!) Are you wetting yourselves in anticipation, Straw please reveal where we have gone wrong, how do we make this once great game right again you cry!

Well in all honesty I can’t say these fixes are set in stone yet, its still something the gang and I are working on, but just for you..

Firstly, we have started to use the priority phase from the lord of the rings battle game, and the you move, I move, you shoot, l shoot mechanics, and just with this little change we have started to see a lot more movement on the battlefield, now I personally love this idea, it allows you to react to the constant ebb and flow of the battle, making it less static.

The psychic phase is left untouched (let’s face it nothing much really happens and Mr Parker needs all the help he can get!)

Shooting we want to mix up a little, for example a unit with special weapons/heavy weapons should be allowed to fire at different targets to the rest of the unit, because that’s what they would do, example, marine squad gunning down the rampaging green skins, (whilst singing the mighty emperors praises) when a bloody great big orky tank/thing appears through the fog, now this is what your specials are for, this kind of target, why oh why must they shoot at what the rest of the squad is shooting at?

See? Its just little things like that. But trust me dear readers/viewers there will be more..

The DNA test shows that Terry…

You are the father!!!!!!!


Exit stage right..

One thought on “On todays show..

  1. I do need all the help I can get. Perhaps each daemon unit, being creatures of the warp and such, give an extra die to the psychic pool? I promise I wouldn’t spam small units of nurglings (crosses fingers behind back).


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