Forging onwards..

Battlemallet, as mention yesterday by the esteemed Mr Parker, is our groups work in progress project (aside from knocking Chris’s Forgeworld Tau model off the table, hate it, hate it, hate it we do) to fix our beloved 40k. Does it need fixing? Well there are two answers to that, yes and hell yes!!

I remember long ago, back through the mists of time, when the game involved having to think a little more, tactics were things you actually thought about, cunning and downright craftyness (real word? If not it bloody well should be!) Won the day, but alas now it seems to be who rolls the biggest pile of dice, or who has the best super heavy tank/thing, or who can stay sober the longest wins.Guess you may as well stop playing Parker! (Haha)

So after a successful job of converting the much loved Zombiecide from board game to a full blown tabletop battle for survival, we decided to damn our souls to the warp and have a go at 40k, and so far after a couple of test runs its looking promising.

Well tell us then! I hear your cries dear followers (6 of you? My domination of the world begins! Mmwwhaa!) But do you deserve it? With these sacred words you may never look at 40k in same light again, are you worthy?

Think on this a while, cleanse yourself, light the scented candles and prepare..

Meanwhile, I’m buggering off for a quick cuppa..

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