Its the little things..

Let’s face it when we play these silly games, there is always those little things we can’t play without isn’t there? You know what I mean, that lucky dice, your favourite pencil ( don’t laugh, I know someone! ) but for our little gaming group,for some strange reason we cannot get through a game without beer! Now I wonder why that is? Its not like we need it because we are embarrassed, or need the help coming out of our shells, after all we are role players, it is simply because we like getting drunk, falling over, and more importantly it helps numb the pain when you accidently knock over your latest painted, and expensive model! And yes Chris that will be happening to that bloody forge world riptide!! So any other little things our motley band cannot get by without? About eight pizzas, stair gates to stop the dog attacking everyone, another crate of Stella for Parker..

One thought on “Its the little things..

  1. It’s true, I always need another crate of Stella. I also need to use my dice that have blessed by Grandfather Nurgle. It’s a shame you can’t actually see what the results are (too covered in snot).


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