Morning all..

WP_20140816_010And so a new day dawns, another week begins for mankind, and what does it hold in store? Lets see shall we? Lets travel down the dark, winding road together.

Gaming wise stuff may happen, lets face it there never seems to be enough time for it does there? All the painting of those little toy soldiers, attempting to unstick your fingers that you have accidently stuck to the afore mentioned toy soldier, writing scathing comments about the real world, finding paper buildings online because they are cheap to make (and it will not matter if I launch them across the gaming room in a rage because I just rolled a 1 on my terminators saving throw!) All these things get in the way, but this week is mainly going to involve us working on our battlemallet rules and our attempt to fix Warhammer 40k. I shall keep you both updated.

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