In general..

Well my little newbie friends what treats do we have in store for you? None,no really bugger all,  this whole site is for me to scream my devotion to the dark gods and sacrifice your souls….still there? Hmm now that’s a surprise,now I have to come up with something!

Enough sillyness! This is a place for us gamers(not you number crunchers!) To kick back and have a giggle,with plans to recap on adventures gone by,gaming cockups (good word) and other stuff, with comments from my gang to enlighten us all(don’t worry not sure about that one myself!) Maybe reviews of rules and figures and other gaming goodies recently bought(just got the end of the world,zombie apocalypse rulebook through the door today,so busy trying to get this up and running I haven’t even opened it yet!) You might even be treated to some of my own stories and writings(be afraid,very,very afraid)But for now my two brave,and may i say lucky readers its goodnight from me,and me and me…

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